Hello, my dear friends! Sorry for delay!

I was busy, because I had a birthday of 17 april! Yahooo!)

For this period we have a some news:

1. In BusBitcoin faucet I changed a timer. Now you can claim 150 satoshi every 10 minutes!

2. Some days ago I had a problem with cashout. Our balance was empty and we had a problem with money transaction for 2 days. Sorry for it.

3. Some days ago our server was down, with problem on the our server, but we fixed it! Thanks to Our friend WeLoveFaucets.com

4. For next 1-2 days can be a problems with your cashout again till Sunday, but don’t worry! Keep claim your rewards. All rewards you’ll recieve necessarily!

5. I thinking, that we can incrase our rewards after 1st may!

See you my friends! Elena.