Hello my friends! How are you?

I have a some good and some bad news! Let’s start!

Good news:

1. I added some BTC to my faucets today!

2. Our traffic growing higher and higher!

3. We have an Alexa Raiting 42 440 position today!

4. Price of BTC some lower, it’s a big + for us

5. I updated my Bitcoin App! You can download it for Android:


Bad news:

1. Our main partner CoinAd had some problems with their networks, and our profit for 2 weeks so low(

2. Our 2nd partner EboundServices transfering our payments from ads for 15 days already! But.. NOTHING!(

3. We can have a problems with payments on this weekends!

Please, don’t worry! Keep claiming! All payments you can recieve after some hold!

Sorry for this situation, guys! I hope, that will be Ok in future!

Good Luck! I waiting your comments! 😉