My Photo Post 01

Sometimes I'll show to you my photos in my blog. I waiting your comments! ;)

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Factom Brings Blockchain Technology to Medical Record Company

Bitcoin company Factom recently incorporated blockchain technology into an Indiana-based medical data management company HealthNautica. The amalgamation between the two companies took place in the [...]

By |19 February 2016|News|7 Comments

Bitcoin Roundtable Decommissions Bitcoin Classic

Scaling Bitcoin network seems to have turned into a much harder task than anyone had ever anticipated. The Bitcoin network is growing each passing day [...]

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Open Website Found Selling Stolen Bank Details For Bitcoin

Bitcoin is often associated with illegal activity on the Internet, even though this does not make the digital currency more suited for criminal purposes compared [...]

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Democratic Consensus in Bitcoin Makes Blockchain Split Unlikely

Regardless of which block size solution is embraced in the end, there is no reason to think the Bitcoin blockchain will ever split into separate [...]

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